Spiky Massage Ball

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Generise Spiky Massage Ball 10cm - Red

Massage balls are an essential item for any fitness enthusiast looking to recover faster and workout harder.

Use your massage ball for getting deep into your shoulder, to roll out your hamstrings and glutes and many more areas of the body. Each massage ball targets trigger points which may be causing you discomfort. All you have to do is place the massage ball in the affected area - lower back, neck, forearm, calf, etc.) and roll the ball back and forth. Can be against a solid surface while standing or on the floor.

Spiky massage balls can be used for self massage purposes, releasing uncomfortable muscles fibres or knots as they are often referred to and relieving tension in the muscle. Also ideal for helping to release toxins and improving circulation.

To use, simply roll the ball around the area in need of attention. Alternatively, in the case of tight back muscles, place the ball between your back and a wall and move from side to side, or up and down. It also feels great to massage the soles of your feet by sitting in a chair and rolling your foot over the ball on the floor.

If you are unsure you must consult a medical or fitness professional

Size: 10cm

Colour: Red

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